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Custom Greeting Cards & Art Prints designed and painted by Elizabeth Marie.


The lastest news, updates and random ramblings of an aspiring artist.


Watercolor & Ink


Two months leading up to my first craft fair, and just over a year after I posted my first photograph of my art on instagram under @isketchsf I decided to change my business name to Watercolor & Ink.  It was an informed decision based on the fact that the name iSketchSF, although catchy and memorable, was limiting.  If I was to ever move from San Francisco, and hopefully that day won't be anytime soon, I would be stuck.  Stuck forever with a business name that would tie me to a place I might not always call home.  

However I can't say that leaving behind iSketchSF was an easy decision.  Googling iSketchSF would actually steer web browsers straight to me; now googling Watercolor & Ink will lead browsers to endless websites, none of which are mine.  I also got my first pieces of mail as a business owner under iSketchSF, even if they were junk mail and one very deceptive scam asking me for money due to an employee occupational violation.

Watercolor & Ink is a more mature title, and certainly a bit more descriptive.  Even better, now I get to use an ampersand in my logo and everyone loves a good ampersand!  But most importantly it is a business title that will grow, expand and adapt overtime.  Hopefully I can grow with it.