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Custom Greeting Cards & Art Prints designed and painted by Elizabeth Marie.


The lastest news, updates and random ramblings of an aspiring artist.


My first commission


When I first opened my facebook page for Watercolor & Ink I was surprised by the overwhelming support I received from family and friends.  All of a sudden, after that one post, I had 20 more Instagram followers.  I also received my first commissioned request from my dear friend Seneya, asking me to do a sketch of her apartment in San Francisco.  Her apartment is situated on a typical block in Nob Hill dominated by apartments built in early 1900s.  

When I starting sketching her apartment and requested some photos from her, she realized that her landlords had painted a large section of the second story of the apartment gray.  It just goes to show that changing our vantage point sometimes completely changes our perspective.  I began by sketching out the apartments at the bottom of the hill and working my way up the street.  I was disappointed with the way Seneya's apartment turned out in my sketches so I redrew it, the second time with a little more accuracy.  Each apartment required its own page in my sketchbook, and once I was finished I scanned each piece and arranged it all together.

Picture of my work in progess