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Custom Greeting Cards & Art Prints designed and painted by Elizabeth Marie.


The lastest news, updates and random ramblings of an aspiring artist.


Starting My Business


It's easy for me to sketch, it's something I find both relaxing and rewarding.  But the hard part of starting my own business is the business itself.  I decided about two years ago when I began to compile my sketches in a sketchbook, one of my most prized processions, that I wanted to start a business of selling my sketches.  

This idea began when I got married in San Francisco in 2013 and hand-sketched and watercolored everything for the wedding from the programs to the invitations to the table numbers.  I was luckly that I had a long engagement so I had plenty of time to practice and prepare everything beforehand.  That said, I was still scrambling a few weeks before I said "I do" to get everything finished.   The day of the wedding couldn't have been better- 80 degrees in San Francisco is a lucky day- and even though all the signs and watercolors didn't turn out perfect, I was proud of all my hard work. 

Once I started sketching, it was hard to stop.  I became enchanted with the details and intricacies of San Francisco.  I began making yearly holiday cards for family and close friends, mostly because I liked that they were personal and showed off the city I was so proud to call home.  I filled my sketchbook slowly and surely for I am not a fast sketcher.  I am as meticulous as they come.  On my lunch breaks I found special places to capture iconic views: Vallejo Street steps overlooking the San Francisco Bay Bridge, the top of Montgomery Street looking straight at the Transamerica Pyramid, Powell Street's historic cable car.  

Some of these sketches I added watercolors to, a medium I have played with since taking art classes in high school.  But mostly I let the sketch speak for itself.

With my sketchbook almost complete, I decided to make my 31st birthday present to myself the opening of my own business.  But to do that I needed a lot of time and patience.  I needed to reach out on social media- instagram, facebook, pinterest- and try and capture an audience that would actually want to buy the sketches I worked so hard to produce.  I made a website and a blog - the one you are reading now - and filled the pages with images.

But mostly I finished something I had set out to accomplish, something I had always dreamed of, a resolution if you will, and I couldn't have gotten there without your support.  So thank you for helping me achieve my dream, and hopefully it inspires to find yours too.