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Custom Greeting Cards & Art Prints designed and painted by Elizabeth Marie.


The lastest news, updates and random ramblings of an aspiring artist.


A Fresh Start in 2018


Watercolor and Ink has been in business for over a year now! I quietly celebrated its one-year anniversary by committing myself to two holiday craft fairs in December: one at the SF Bazaar Holiday Emporium at the Academy of Sciences in San Francisco which was my biggest and probably most well-advertised show yet and one at the Roseville Holiday Craft Fair which I attended last year. I rewarded myself for my business success (no longer in the red!) by buying myself much needed and much desired professional watercolor paper. How buying the right paper makes all the difference!

My other great accomplishment over the last year was opening my Etsy shop. At first I hesitated because I assumed that having a website would generate enough business all on its own. But unfortunately, I don’t have a great way to get traffic unto my website. Since I opened the Etsy shop in July, it has made almost triple the sales than my website in a shorter amount of time.  Etsy has also given me a lot of great opportunities to be a part of a San Francisco/Bay Area based community of artists SFetsy. It has also allowed me to meet patrons in the bay area who now support and follow me.

I want to start this new year with a fresh goal in mind, not only for myself, but also for all the people that have encouraged and supported me over this past year. Of course, I want to paint more. I always have that goal in mind but usually life gets in the way. Last year I took a printmaking class which took up my entire evenings two days a week which made it a scramble to find time the rest of the week to do the other things I needed to do.

I also want to paint things that are out of my comfort zone. Most of my cards and prints are feminine- flowers, succulents, butterflies- I want to work on paintings that are more universal. My dad loves trains and my husband, an urban planner and bike advocate, loves all things public transit. I want to create art that looks at the mechanics behind these built objects and the beauty of them. When we visited Amsterdam and Copenhagen this last year it was astonishing to see the number of people riding bikes everywhere and the masses of bikes tethered to bridges and railings. Every day we were in Copenhagen we rode bikes and I want to demonstrate in my art how much I loved riding my bike!

Additionally, I want to focus more on cities. I love cities, I live in one. I typically always travel to them and I am even currently reading Happy City by Charles Montgomery, which I highly recommend. I started this business by sketching the city of San Francisco and loved it. So now I want to represent more cities, ones that I have traveled to like Copenhagen and Amsterdam, and ones that I would love to travel to, like St. Petersburg and Berlin.

As we start the new year and dive into our new goals and resolutions, tell me what you would like to see in the upcoming year? What are your aspirations and what should mine be? How can I make this business and my art something we both can enjoy and love?